25Gb/s CWDM 10km SFP28 光模块


  • Hot Pluggable SFP+ MSA package
  • 3by, SFF-8431, SFF-8432 compliant
  • Up to 10km transmission on 9/125um 652 SMF
  • Up to 25.78Gb/s data links
  • Uncooled CWDM DFB and PIN receiver
  • With Built-in CDR
  • 25Gb/s high speed electrical interface
  • 2-wire serial interface with Digital Diagnostic
  • +3.3V power supply
  • Power consumption less than 5W
  • Operating case temperature:
    0 to +70 ℃ Commercial Level
    -40 to +85 ℃ Industrial Level
  • Duplex LC Receptacle
  • ROHs-6 compliant


  • 78Gb/s single lane 100GE LR4 and 25GE Ethernet
  • Data Center Intra-connection
  • eCPRI and CPRI, etc


GWorld Opto's GTR7SPP2LCXX CWDM DFB transceivers are designed for use in 25G Ethernet links, eCPRI and CPRI, and Fiber Channel, etc, and it can support max-rate to 25.78Gb/s. Digital diagnostics are available via 2-wire serial interface as specified in the SFF-8472.

The transceiver's designs are optimized for high performance and cost efficiency to provide customers the best solutions for Wireless, Datacom and Telecom applications.

The transceiver is RoHS-6 compliant and lead-free per Directive 2002/95/EC.


25G CWDM 10km SFP28_GTR7SPP2LCXX Overview.pdf